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#FitSporation To Keep You On Track This Season

The weeks leading up to the holidays are filled with indulgent parties, pastries, and people. ‘Go ahead and have that last cookie.’

‘Why not have one more drink? It’s the holidays.’

Sure you think, I’ll run tomorrow. Then you hit snooze for just enough time that you can get the kids ready, run them out the door and logon before anyone knows your late.

You think about working out later but  then there’s homework, that choir concert, a pageant rehearsal, oh and wrapping. Did we mention wrapping? Or online shopping?

You know the drill. So it’s back saying ‘I’ll get on track in the new year.”

Well, here we are. It’s time to really get on track and stick to it. Whether you’re doing the 21 Day Fix in your basement, logging miles at the crack of dawn before anyone else opens  their eyes or slinging across town with seconds to spare to make a gym class, ’tis the season to get yourself back in shape.

Here are some local inspirations to follow on Instagram for the nights you find yourself on the couch drifting into the ‘maybe I’ll skip tomorrow’ or ‘maybe I’ll just have one scoop of that ice cream’ thoughts as you watch ‘The Bachelor’ this season.

And if you want to compete the ultimate motivator, follow Hilary Swank:


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