The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie In Pennsylvania Is……

By: Greg Sacidor

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Well if you live in Pennsylvania, chances are it’s the Carmel deLites.

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In honor of the 100th anniversary of the first sale of Girl Scout cookies, has determined the most popular cookie in each state. After polling more than 5,000 people across the country, they concluded that the Carmel deLites were the most popular choice among Pennsylvanians.

The vanilla cookie topped with caramel, toasted coconut and chocolate stripes, was second overall in the poll in total votes and the top choice in 17 other states, including Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas.

Carmel deLites may be the favorite here at home, but they could not top the powerhouse that is the Thin Mint.

Thin Mints are not only the best-selling Girl Scout cookie, but they were also the most popular choice overall. They were the favorite in 24 states, including Delaware.


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